About ADS...

Established in 1989, ADS is Canadian owned and operated.  We take pride in how happy our office, sales team and hotel partners are as well as how we work with our advertising partners to make their advertising a success.

We specialize in producing guest directory programs for hotels from coast to coast... in print and electronically.  Our success has allowed us to be the largest guest services directory provider in Canada. 

Not just a simple, plain, boring guest directory; we tailor a guest directory program that is modern, stylish, and functional and which pleases both of our partners... hotels and advertisers.

Emerging Technologies

With ongoing growth, we maintain our focus on innovative new ways to service our hotels and advertisers.  Many of our hotel partners have voiced the desire to be clutter free, and a Mobile Guest Directory, Pro:Centric Server, Lobby/Breakfast Room Screens or a Tablet Program can be the key to keeping your guests informed and in touch with the hotel while keeping clutter free and green friendly.

We were the first Hotel Guest Directory company to offer free Mobile Directory Sites to hotels in Canada.  Our newest launch makes keeping in touch with the hotel easy and simple - providing all of the information you will find in a print directory right on your guest’s smart-phone.  

For our advertisers, this new technology means that their ads can go with the guest as they move around town.  Guests can click on an ad to call the advertiser, or launch an interactive map to the location or even go to the advertiser’s website... something they could never do without ruining the print directory!

And ADS isn’t sitting still... we are always working with developers to design directories that will stay ahead of emerging technologies.  Stay tuned for more interesting hospitality technology advantages from ADS.




















Al Strickland

Al Strickland


Al has been active in the hospitality supply industry for almost thirty years, growing a small startup into a multi-media success.  His diverse business experience spans hospitality, manufacturing and  service industries.

Andrew Strickland

Andrew Strickland

Director of Operations

Over 31 years experience as a supplier to the hospitality industry, Andrew has formed positive relationships and credibility with hotel General Managers, Brand Executives — the people who promote ADS products and services within the hotel industry, in Canada as well as the US.

Michael Simon

Michael Simon

General Manager

Michael has been working with ADS for the last 25 years.
He has over 37 years of direct sales and management  experience. Michael has developed our sales team, and works directly with our advertisers and hotels.