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Established in 1989, ADS Publishing is proud to have been working with Best Western for over 20 years.

Not just a plain, boring guest directory; we have specifically created a guest directory program that is modern and which meets all of the standards set out by Best Western.

Most of our Best Western partners enjoy a no cost Guest Directory with our Advertising Supported Program, which includes annual refreshingof content, replacement covers and brand specific standards.

Direct purchasing of covers and inserts is available, please email [email protected] for a quote.


We have already done the work to have templates approved by Best Western's Branding Department and head office. We are familiar with all of the brand standards and keep up to date on changes... making sure that you meet your inspection each and every time.

Our Advertising Support Program takes the annual expense of keeping your directories current and fresh. By showcasing your local businesses, restaurants and services in the back of the directory, you eliminate your expense of printing and purchasing binders. The added benefit is that you now have neighbours looking to support your hotel in return for you supporting their businesses through referrals to your guests. It’s a win-win scenario for everyone!



Best Western Print Guest Directory

With the Best Western Rebrand Launch in 2016, ADS Publishing was able to work with the Branding Department to create a Guest Directory that is modern, fresh and informative. With at least two cover choices, we have you covered!



Best Western Single Page Print Guest Directory

All of the information quickly at your Guest's finger tips... plus an advertising supported option!



Digital / Lobby Screens

ADS Publishing understands that successful hotels want to provide their guests with current information quickly and lobby screens do that very well.

New technologies make the installation and running of an ADS Lobby Screen very simple and easy. Training on uploading current hotel information takes very little time and is very easy, or we can provide the Content Management for you... we know how busy your staff is.





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