ADS Publishing understands that successful hotels want to provide their guests with current information quickly... digital signs and lobby screens do that very well.

A basic screen shows guests which of the meeting rooms they should be going to, current headines and weather, along with other basic information that the front desk staff can quickly and easily post. There is also an advertising section of the screen that shows your guests all of the local businesses that support your hotel and it's directories.

Extensive screens can include local area feeds for more specific information, and content management, that has ADS Publishing adding pages to the hotel information area of the screen on a regualr basis for menu updates, special programs and events.

For advertisers supporting the digital lobby signs and screens, you have access to a captive audience. In hotel lobbys the guests are looking for local information on what they can do, where they can shop, where they can eat.  In condos and suites, the residents are looking for local info, transit info and the everyday things they need for a happy lifestyle.  

From viewer to advertiser, our screens provide everything that everyone needs.

New technologies make the installation and running of an ADS Lobby Screen very simple and easy. Training on uploading current hotel information takes very little time and is very easy.

Ease of Use... see how easy it is to update and manage content... test drive a Digital Screen, after you click the link below, use the Telephone on the right hand side to change the images on the Screen on the left!

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