Delight your guests with cutting-edge in-room tablets designed for hotels of any size.

The 8” tablets are built with a secure charging dock with Bluetooth speaker options, 2 USB charging ports and a guest alarm clock.


Easy to Install and Maintain

T-Mini tablets are incredibly easy to maintain and are delivered pre-configured for simple self-install.

Increase Average Spend

With built in promotional messaging, up-selling suggestions and effective promotion of your facilities, ADS helps you increase your average guest spend, helping to boost your bottom line.

Increase Guest Satisfaction

Happier guests come back. Your guests will love the ease of navigation, speed of performance and wealth of customized content. No instructions required

A Paper Free Directory

Go gloriously green, save money, unclutter the desk, and get rid of all the paper! Imagine never having to insert another directory or room service menu.

Get Personal with Your Guests

Communicate with guests like never before. Push special offers, limited-time deals and send personal messages via our tablet’s silent and discreet messaging system.

24/7/365 Support

Things rarely go wrong with these tablets, but if the unforeseen happens, we are always available to help.

Total Guest Engagement

In-room tablets actively drive sales with an average of over 50 pages viewed per guest night. To date over 1,250,000 items have been ordered.      

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